Welcome to the self-proclaimed “DAZZLING BLOG” !
Everyone’s Welcome!

HeLlO WoRld!

So, me. And this Blog you’ve come to.

Well.. I’m a girl. I’m Indian. I’m 17 (in 2011).

A lot of stuff crosses my mind and I love to rattle and tattle about it.. Thats the reason I made this blog.. Here I’ll post anything. I’m not much of a writer so there’s gonna be a lot many photo posts… I may not be much of an artist or much of a photographer.. but I absolutely totally love arts, crafts and photography.. I’m little bit of a reader too…  (and I’m dying for the day I can write  an  ‘Architecture student’ in this about page!) So a little of everything is what you’ll find here..  After many many attempts I have not been able to decide on something satisfactory to write in this about page.. So maybe you could browse about my posts and discover the blog and all its attempts to dazzle 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

PS- The name. “Dazzle” is my favorite word. No reason! 🙂

And I’ll keep posting a few pictures into this about page for a better insight into the blog and the blogger!!

That'd be me! 🙂

I am a gLeek. Full On.

I love our shoe pics !

I love the mountains, The HImalayas! 🙂 The beach, not so much.


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