Moving On..

They say…

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

I started blogging and it was so much fun in the start..

But then I got busy and studies and classes took over my life… In my very first post I said I won’t write or post about my boring daily routine.. but of all the awesome little things that helped me through it.. But still.. I look back and more than half of my blog is filled with ‘how busy I am and how I can’t take time out to blog…  And I really don’t like that..

On a much better note.. The dreaded two years (11th and 12th grade) are FINALLY over! I’m dome with most of my exams.. and I’m reconnecting with life now.. As I wait for my results to arrive and for my future to shape itself.. I have a lot of time now.. so I can finally start blogging without having the feeling that I am wasting my time! And a major reason of me not blogging much last year isn’t that I didn’t have time.. anyone can take out time to type down a few words! It was because.. I didn’t really have anything to blog about.. no experiences.. no inspiration.. I didn’t hear much new music or saw any great movies.. I didn’t take any trips and did not travelled at all.. Nothing of what I did I found worthy of sharing on the world-wide web!

But now I’ve decided its time to live life.. have fun.. do all that I love.. and in the true sense.. BLOG!

So as I enter refresh mode.. clean up my room.. go shopping.. plan out a vacation with my family.. start making ‘catching-up’ plans with friends.. I’ve decided to give a fresh shot at blogging.. and get it right this time..!

WordPress has been really great.. I’ve found some amazing blogs by amazing people here.. My first ever blog and my first ever try at blogging has been great… But I’ve decided to start all over again so.. So come meet me on tumblr…as I capture and create my life! !! 😀

Capture-Create ❤


The awesome mountains from Auli


About dazzlingaway

Hi... I love to explore the world, travel, create, read, draw, doodle, talk, and blog too!
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3 Responses to Moving On..

  1. Riddhi says:

    Divya’s back. 😀 and dazzlingaway 😀 😀

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