Cloud Gate~!

The Bean!

Hey! I just discovered this piece of art! Its a huge public sculpture located in Millennium park in Chicago. I have not actually seen it .. just seen it in pictures on the net but i really liked it. And am proud thats its been designed by Indian-born artist Anish Kapoor. Really well designed,and also referred to as “the bean” it is made taking inspiration from Liquid Mercury!


The chicago city skyline is distorted and reflected from the surface which i found to be pretty awesome πŸ™‚ !
Also, you can walk from below where the chamber gives multiple warped reflections of yourself and you can surely have a great time clicking funky photos!

i’d say.. this is one of the best pieces of art i’ve seen… it must have required great creativity as well great architectural knowledge and application to actually create that! Its like a new piece of art every time you look at it from a different angle..! I truly admire it!
What do you think of it?
If u want to know more about it heres the wiki link~

awesome right?

The Skyline!

Ppl getting pictures clicked

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5 Responses to Cloud Gate~!

  1. zoyambo! says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!…this inspiers me to become n architect!
    love it! πŸ™‚

  2. zoyambo! says:

    and lets add it to our “things to try b4 v die ” list :D…if u still remember !

  3. Kt says:

    Oh I noe der was sum “olalala” drink….
    B-t-dubs y r u so artsy n ol architechtury 2day..??
    but nice..

  4. dazzlingaway says:

    That post is 2 days old… but.. I am ALWAYS like that.. just not after emerging from “home”.. that kills my art heart!
    n.. wow… olalala drink!? i remember fizzyfriuts! ZO! u gotta search for them in US while you are there remember~!

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